Application Scenarios


To provide an easy access to fundamental concepts of secure cloud computing scenarios, multiple use cases in different areas were animated. Short videos visualize the basic idea behind the application scenarios and how they operate in an abstract way.


Joint Business Applications

  Aeroengine Fleet Management

A portal that enables the optimization of the maintenance repair and overhaul process for the engine sector of the aeronautic supply chain. Maintenance plans can be calculated without revealing the participating companies data.

  Platform for Auctions

Multiple parties negotiate auctions without revealing their bids. Exemplary markets are spectrum and electricity auctions.

Joint Studies Applications

  Privacy Preserving Personal Genome Analyses and Studies

Donors can submit their genome data and enter their phenotype data to receive feedback on genetic associations with specific illnesses and disorders. Secure computation can be used to circumvent any mishandling of the donors’ data.

Location Sharing Applications

  Location Sharing with Nearby Contacts

Location information of smart phone users is sensitive, yet useful for social activities where contacts meet. With the help of secure computation, proximities can be calculated without revealing actual location data.

End User Applications

  Key Management

With the increasing number of devices an end users uses, cryptographic keys need to be shared more often between different platforms. To avoid a centralized trusted third party, i.e. key server, a solution based on secure computation is preferable

  Mobile Data Sharing

This scenario provides privacy preserving data sharing between different mobile devices through the cloud. Shared data should not be visible to the cloud service provider


  Secure Statistics as a Service

Tools for performing data collection, statistical analysis and reporting using secure multiparty computation

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Project reference: 609611
Start date: 2013-11-01
End date: 2016-10-31
Duration: 36 months
Project cost: € 10.456.059
Project funding: € 7.550.000                   

          Programme type:
Seventh Framework Programme
Programme acronym:
Contract type:
Collaborative project



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 609611


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