The third Real World Crypto Workshop bringing together academia and industry took place in New York in January 2014.
As cryptography is currently living through its second wake-up call as stated by Moti Yung (Google), presentations and discussions like Bruce Schneier's of what is currently broken and what it all means for consumers, businesses and cryptographers were in the centre of media interest.

Among other advances Riivo Talviste from Cybernetica showed the first secure multiparty computation demo ( deployed on public clouds of Amazon, Microsoft Azure and Zone Media.

"Edit(14.06.2017): By now clouddemo has been replaced by a Sharemind minidemo:"

He also emphasized the importance of the PRACTICE project in bringing privacy-preserving cloud computing to the market.

In 2014 the Real World Crypto Workshop will come to London and hopefully get even more attention from organizations in EU.